Laugh your boots off report

The people from Momentum Ski who have brought you City Ski Championships for the past 12 years have teamed up with Marcus Brigstocke’s Taking the Piste agency and other partners to offer a smorgersboard of on and off piste fun. Monday 21st of November was the first taster of a series of events in the run up to the Momentum Ski Festival 15-18 March in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

Ski Festival 2012
The Momentum Ski Festival has its inaugural year in Crans-Montana this coming season and has developed on from the City Ski Championships that have been held in Courmayeur for the past dozen years. It is mix of London businesses stretching all the way to Canary Wharf and sporting celebrities such as Damon Hill, Colin Jackson, Heston Blumethal, Graham Bell and former Ski Olympic Champions. It takes place 15th – 18th March 2012 and we’ll be there!


Amin Momen from Momentum Ski said “We created the City Ski Championships with a clear vision: to take the party atmosphere and excitement of high-level ski racing found at a World Cup race, and make it accessible to London’s keenest snowsports enthusiasts. More than that – we wanted to give our spectators the chance to have a go themselves, regardless of ability. 12 years later, we truly believe that we’ve delivered that. Those that have taken part enjoy the best of both worlds, entertaining clients and networking whilst still getting to experience the pumping adrenalin of standing in the start hut.”

“We have re-aligned the event and as well as the racing we have gone for better entertainments and apres ski with live music, club nights and comedy. We want the festival to be everything the others aren’t,” said Amin Momen, the director and founder of Momentum Ski. So whilst the City Ski Championships will continue, the weekend will also be open to non-skiers who simply like the idea of a big alpine party and all prices pegged at Italian rates.


Thanks to all the team at Profeet Fulham and Putney Chiropractic and the amazing comedy genius of Rufus Hound, Nick Doody and guest appearance by Marcelle Le Con.”

Planet ski Review:
Rufus Hound and Mark Doody had the audience in stitches in amongst the buckles, footbeds, inner liners and outer shells. It was apparently the first time comedy has been held in a sports shoe shop. Profeet in London held the evening of comedy in conjunction with the Momentum Ski Festival that is being held in Crans Montana next March. It was billed as ” Laugh Your Boots Off!” and we did. There will be a host of comedians in the Alps for the event in Crans-Montana so the organisers thought they would whet people’s appetite with some of the entertainment that will be on offer in the Swiss resort.

At the Momentum Ski Festival there will also be ski racing, product testing, race coaching, DJs and clubbing. But all that that couldn’t quite be squeezed into the shop in Fulham, West London so they went for comedians instead. Also hand were a team from Putney Chiropractic and The Warren Smith Ski Academy. Warren himself was there too. All in all it was one of the more bizarre locations for an evening of comedy.

The comedians made the most of it. The stage was likened to a small step.

Mark Doody had the crowd clutching their sides, and lower back, as he described the alcohol abuse the British put themselves through in The Alps. He told us about the sign at Grenoble airport he observed last time he was passing through. “Please do not drink alcohol inside the terminal building,” it read. There was no corresponding sign in French…

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