Latest news from Dr Edwina

In the last few months Dr Edwina Waddell has been busy attending two seminars in Europe, one in London and the other in Malaga, Spain and meeting with MP’s at the House of Commons to help increase the understanding at the top of how chiropractic is more about a healthy lifestyle than bad backs.

Her seminars began with the Neuro-Emotional Technique in London, where she did a refresher course on the effects of negative mental stress on the nervous system and how to neutralise this. If you don’t know much aboutĀ N.E.T. then check out their website.

Then she jetted off to Malaga for four days of sunshine, tapas, and a hefty dose of chiropractic philosophy, research, and technique refreshers. She particularly enjoyed meeting again with Dr Jeanne Ohm, the chiropractor responsible for developing and teaching the Webster technique. More information about the Webster technique can be foundĀ on our website here.

Above are some of the pictures seen in the United Chiropractic Association newsletter featuring at story on the visit to the House of Commons. Edwina was chosen from her peers as being the ideal candidate to present the case for chiropractic to a select group of health conscious MP’s.