Kim’s Story – laptop ergonomics

For the last year I have been regularly adjusted by Dr Bec and I have never felt healthier.

As a writer, I spend many hours each day hunched over my laptop. Without my weekly adjustments, this task would be quite uncomfortable, and become a painful chore. Prior to beginning my regular course of chiropractic care last October, I had a long history of neck and upper back pain, and would regularly wake up with a stiff neck and spasms in my shoulder blades. These episodes were quickly resolved and, within 6 weeks of regular adjustments, I also began to notice my sleep patterns improving, energy and immune systems strengthening, and an overall sense of trust in my body and health.

As a naturopath, I understand that our body has an innate intelligence that maintains equilibrium, and how important it is to nurture our body’s ability to heal itself. I now cannot imagine being without my regular adjustments, which helps maintain a healthy balance within my body, allowing it to function at its best, so I can continue to reach my goals.

Kim Parsons – Naturopath, writer and chef

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