Keeping hydrated

Water is one of our most vital nutrients. We can survive for approximately 40 days without food, but only 4 days without water. It plays many roles in our body, from digestion and detoxifying, to thinning our blood and increasing our mental performance. A drop of even 2% in our body’s water stores can affect our energy and body’s function. Water is the stuff of life, yet its emphasis for human health is drastically underplayed. How would your garden look without water? What about your dog, or your car? Healthy? I don’t think so.

One of water’s most important roles in our body is to purify our cells and tissues. Pure, fresh water cleanses our systems and flushes out toxins from our blood stream, digestive system, lymphatic system and through our skin. Make sure it’s filtered though- it’ll save your kidneys from doing it!

By means of water, we give life to everything – The Koran, 21:30

Our body requires 2-3 L of pure water each day for its functions alone! In addition to this, we require more water when we are exercising, or working up a sweat outside. The water we get from a cup of tea or coffee does not count, as these have a dehydrating effect on our body (as do smoking and spending a lot of time indoors in heating/air conditioning).

Many disease processes that are commonly “treated” with medications are dehydration issues. Unfortunately a lot of doctors are not trained to recognise the signs of dehydration, allowing the chronic dehydration process to continue, while medications are prescribed to cover up the warning signals. Get your hands on Dr F Batmanghelidj’s book “Your body’s many cries for water”. In it he discusses the links between dehydration and many common ailments including allergies, high blood pressure and cholesterol, weight gain, arthritis, stress, depression, heartburn and peptic ulcers.

Regardless of whether you ‘like’ water or not, your body needs it! Become hydrated and notice that your bowels are happy, your skin is clear and radiant, aches and pains disappear, your brain is sharp. Remember, without water you would look and feel like a sultana, rather than a grape!