Joe’s story – mountain biking

Joe Wright came to Putney Chiropractic with some low back pain and weakness on the left leg. He is an active cyclist and had signed up to a big mountain bike race in Italy in the summer of 2011. He had a recurring problem of low back pain and chronic neurological weakness of his right leg. He’d been all over the place trying to find a solution to the problem. The exercises the physiotherapist had given him didn’t make any lasting change and he was very frustrated at not being able to ride to the best of his ability. Even worse was that he’d just invested in a shiny new Canyon MTB and wanted his body firing on all cylinders to be able to use it.

“This is me at the Italian MTB race over the weekend. Scraped home 91st out of 500 after 8h 49 in the saddle. A truly incredible race in the most amazing scenery” – Joe Wright

So the solution lay in being able to locate the neurological block to his left leg and deliver some precise spinal adjustments to free the interference to the nerves into his leg. Given the irritation was coming from a blockage (subluxation) of his lumbo-sacral junction the treatment that helped the weakness in the legs also resolved his low back pain.

Joe’s story is a fine example of how a Chiropractor, together with our massage therapy team and connections with ProFeet in Fulham (expert bike fitters) all work very well together as a team to reach a common goal – happy cyclists!

Craig McLean

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