Jessica’s story

“I have suffered years of consistent lower back pain. It was gradually increasing to a point where sitting in a car or putting on a sock was very painful. I visited Putney Chiropractic Centre for the first time in November 1997. I was examined, had an x-ray and began a program of care. I now experience good spinal health and I choose to maintain this with a checkup about once a month.

Melissa, my daughter, after an innocent knock at school, began having frequent blackouts (between 2-7 per day.) Melissa visited all matter of medical specialists and underwent all kinds of tests with no diagnosis given. As a last resort I bought Melissa to Putney Chiropractic Centre.

Examination quickly revealed a major upper neck C1 subluxation. The results were rapid after the first adjustment. Melissa’s blackouts went down to one per day, then one per week and after 2 months only one per month. After being under chiropractic care for three years Melissa is a very healthy, active and sociable young lady with no signs of any blackouts.

We now visit Putney Chiropractic Centre each month to keep free of subluxations. My other two children have also visited Putney Chiropractic Centre to have their spines checked.”

Jessica Christey