Itinerary – Client Appreciation Day

Client and Community Appreciation open day – Itinerary

Lots of fun and a free goodie bag for anyone who attends – We will have many local health professionals popping in throughout the day for you to speak to.

Updated! 21/3/14

07:30am-19:00pm – Complimentary Spine & Wellbeing checks
Our Chiropractor’s, Dr CraigDr Luke and Dr Edwina will be here all day to discuss your health and well-being along with how Chiropractic can be of benefit to your entire family. Pop in at anytime for a complimentary spine and wellness check and a goodie bag with a FREE tea or coffee from Grind Coffee Bar.

08:30-09:00am – Profeet
Richard from profeet is making an early morning appearance to chat to you about how proper footwear will increase your performance and decrease chance of injury. They specialize in custom footwear and ski boots.  020 7736 0046

09:00-09:30am – Putney Chiro Complimentary Health & Spine check
A special time set aside for the Mum’s of local schools to pop in to discuss their families health requirements with the Doc’s here. You are welcome  call to book 02087856144 or to just pop in.

09:15-10:30am – Group Run to Hammersmith Bridge
Greg Sendell a local Sports Scientist and Personal Trainer will lead a leisurely group of joggers up to Hammersmith Bridge and back. This will provide you with a chance to pick Greg’s brain about how you can optimize your performance and avoid injury while staying fit and healthy. [email protected]

11:30am – The House of Yoga
Always wanted to try Yoga but been a bit shy or intimidated to pop in? Not to worry, the friendly team from The House Of Yoga will be here to answer your questions about how moving your body properly can enhance your overall health and wellbeing. 020 8780 3973

12:00 noon – Complimentary Yoga Class
Dr Luke and Dr Edwina will be heading up to the House Of Yoga for a little tour and a complimentary beginners class. Anyone who is here by 12:00 noon is most welcome to tag along. A great way to have a look at the facilities and to get involved for a bit of fun

14:30-15:30pm – Putney Chiro Complimentary Spine & Health Check & Afternoon Tea
We will be hosting a light afternoon tea, thanks to Grind! Dr Edwina & Dr Luke will be available to chat about chiropractic and the benefits it can have for the entire family. They will also be doing free spine & wellbeing checks. You are welcome to just pop in or call to book02087856144.

17:15pm-17:45pm – My Pilates
Peter from MyPilates will be in to chat to everyone about how his bespoke Pilates classes can help with your spinal health and ensure a strong lean body and core. Great for toning and tightening! 020 8127 0515

18:30-19:00pm – EducoGym, Barnes
Catherine from the local EducoGym will be in to answer any questions you may have about their dietary, strength & conditioning programs. 020 8878 7770

19:00-19:30pm Drinks, Dukes Head Putney
Pop in at the end of the day, where the team at the Dukes Head will be looking after us. We would be more than happy to buy you a beer or a glass of wine if you would like to have a chat!