Intro to Chiro – Subluxation: What is it?

We have had many people pop in an out of the clinic over our 25 years in Putney for a variety of reasons, all of various ages, sizes and backgrounds.

Some are popping in for general health and wellbeing checkups, some are families who want to be pro-active about their health. Others are experiencing various symptoms that

have disrupted their day to day lives, such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica or more recently – ‘text neck’.

However, they all have one thing in common when they come to visit us: SUBLUXATION.

The big question then is – What exactly is a ‘subluxation’? I did not know so I posed the question to Dr Luke:

The word ‘Subluxation’ is a term Chiropractors use to describe nerve interference in the body. Subluxation primarily involves spinal joint dysfunction causing corresponding nerve, muscle and organ dis-ease.”  

“Chiropractic is currently the only profession in the world whose whole primary purpose is to remove subluxation and allow clear neurological communication between the brain and body.”

So there you have it, simply put a subluxation is a whiz bang term for nerve interference within the body.

This ‘Subluxation’ interferes with your brains ability to communicate effectively with the rest of the body via your nervous system, which can lead to decreased immune response to colds and flu’s or decreased performance in a joint which can result in physical symptoms or pain.

By seeing your chiropractor regularly, they will adjust and manipulate specific areas of the spine to ensure a clean, clear nervous system, allowing the brain to send clear signals to the rest of your body!

If you have any more questions, speak to your Doc or get in touch – [email protected]