Intro to Chiro – My child has no pain, why take them to a Chiropractor?

How can Chiropractic benefit my children’s health & wellbeing?

There are many benefits to your children having a healthy, functioning nervous system.

So many of us are so familiar with associating chiropractic to back pain, neck pain and sciatica that we forget that the nerves that run through and from the spine service, control and regulate our entire body.

Your nervous system running through your spine carries all the messages from your mind to your body – controlling all of your basic motor functions, without you even realizing it!

This is especially true in children, who haven’t had the years of wear and tear that an adult has had. By getting adjusted from an early age you can encourage your childs spine and nervous system optimally, befor they experience any symptoms or pain like you may have as an adult.

From telling your hands how to move or hold a pen, your body to sit up straight, how to crawl, walk or run as well as how to learn and remember things. It even controls your immune systems response to things such as colds, flu and asthma.

That is why having a healthy spine is more than just about physical symptoms like being unable to turn your head all the way, or being unable to touch your toes. A healthy, interference free nervous system helps your child to be their true perfect self.

I am helping many students (and families!) from many local schools to attain optimal nervous system function to assist with improving learning ability and motor function.

I would be more than happy to discuss your family’s health requirements and perform a free spine and wellbeing check for you or them.

Feel free to pop in on our open day on Wednesday March 26th between 09:00am-09:30am or I will have a cup of tea and a scone with you between 14:30-16:00pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Dr Edwina

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