International snowboarder return from injury

Top British snowboarder, Chris Southwell,  popped into see us in London last week. He is still struggling with his left shoulder after dislocating it in a bone crunching fall down a rocky cliff during a competition at the start of last years winter season. See the video below…

Craig McLean, chiropractic ‘SkiDoc’ comments:

“I gave him a full spine adjustment focusing on his neck and upper thoracic area and some tear jerking muscle release techniques of his left shoulder rotator cuff muscles. He needs an ongoing rehab program working on the very weak left shoulder rotator cuff muscles that have been overworked since his dislocation last season. The ligaments of the shoulder tear and stretch after a dislocation and you have a 50% chance of a recurrence. Chris hasn’t re-dislocated his shoulder but he does regularly subluxate it, with a sickly bone on bone crunching sound. With appropriate rehab and a few more trips to the Chiro he should be able to improve the strength of his shoulder and prevent the subluxations occurring and avoid needing surgery.”

Taking the rough with the smooth
Chris has now heads off to compete in his first ever Ironman triathlon (he must be mad) in Mexico next week and hopes his shoulder doesn’t let him down in the event. Good luck Chris, we’ll be thinking of you!