International Cyclefit Symposium

The International Cyclefit Symposium was a two day forum looking at the relationship between the human body and a bicycle. The two day conference on the 25 & 26 Jan, 2012 was well attended by over 50 bike fitters, physios, chiros, medical consultants, scientists and bike industry folk.

Drs Craig and Luke from Putney Chiro were in attendance and were the only chiropractors present. It was a great opportunity to assess what is happening in the bike fitting community and to learn from the experts in their field.

The international line-up of speakers were selected because they are all leaders in their particular field. Each speaker presented for 45 minutes, followed by a chaired Q & A session from the symposium to establish ‘best practice’ for fitting and related disciplines.

A few highlights were…

  • Graham Anderson, Physio – ‘bike fitters stick to bike fitting, physio’s stick to being physio’s’
  • Phil Burt, team sky physio – ‘Mark Cavendish comes to me and says he has low back pain climbing hills, I tell him the things we could change may affect his power in the sprint, Cav says see you later!’
  • Nigel Stevens, Cardiologist ‘there are defense mechanisms in place that will stop your heart from exploding at maximal HR – you’ll pass out before damage is done – so man up’
  • Jeff Broker UCLA ’250W and 90 cadence – the pedal upstroke net force is still down – i.e. you can’t physically move your leg out of the way in time of the up coming pedal’
  • Todd Carver, ‘Retul frame finder is coming….’
  • Kit Vogel ‘pelvic asymmetry is the rule not the exception’