Injury Treatment

At Putney Chiropractic, we see a huge number of people who are suffering with pain and discomfort as a result of an injury. These injuries can vary enormously in terms of severity but no matter how big or small, the impact of an injury on the body should always be assessed and repaired to avoid problems in the future.

Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents are some of the most severe injuries we treat, the force inflicted on your body from even the smallest bump can be catastrophic to your health and sense of wellbeing. Our team can work with you to repair the damage caused and get you feeling like your old self again.

Slip Falls

Some people require chiropractic care after an injury sustained from a slip or fall. These little trips and bumps don’t tend to have a high impact on our day to day life and are very quickly forgotten. However, if left untreated they can lead to numerous problems later on, due to our body allowing or overcompensating for a niggling pain. Over time, this can lead to spinal misalignment which blocks the flow of information to and from the central nervous system, limiting your body’s ability to self heal.

Work Injuries

We are seeing an increasing amount of people who have sustained injuries at work, either through an accident, repeated strain or from sitting at computers for long periods of time. Our highly experienced team will not only be able to treat the injury but also find the best solution to avoid it happening again.

Sport Injuries

At Putney Chiropractic we’re a sporty bunch who are both extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced at treating sports injuries sustained from all kinds of different disciplines. Whether it’s from pushing yourself a little too far, tripping, poor technique or posture, we will be able to give you the best possible care and provide invaluable advice on how to avoid injury in the future.