Ignacio’s story – mobility and wellbeing

Ignacio has been visiting Putney Chiropractic for a few months now. He kindly told us what he thought about our practice:

When did you first come to Putney Chiropractic? 
February 2012

Why did you first come to see us here?
I had been seeing another chiropractor for a few years until he left the UK. Putney Chiropractic was recommended to me.

What changes have you noticed since starting care with us?
Increased neck mobility and better general wellbeing. My spine is improving and I feel like I’m moving in a good direction.

What is your understanding of chiropractic care and how it can benefit your health and lifestyle?

Chiropractic looks after your spine which is the facilitator of all communication in our body and mind. Chiropractic enhances the quality of that communication, promoting health and wellbeing. This is very important, as our current modern lifestyles stress our spine in a way that can cause damage.

Any other comments regarding your overall experience at Putney Chiropractic?
Cool people
Cool atmosphere
Cool place!!!!

We have verbal consent to share Ignatio’s story with you. This is a personal account of an individual experience. Everyone is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.