Chiropractic for Kids & Babies

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At Putney Chiro we’ve been looking after families for over 30 years.

We see children at 3 main ages:

  1. Many come to us straight after pregnancy for a post delivery check up – ensuring both mother and baby are well after the potential traumas of childbirth.

  2. Others come sometime in the first year or two of life looking for help with poor sleep, feeding challenges, poor sleep, irritability, cranial issues etc…

  3. Age 3-18 for that check up to keep you healthy and strong. Sometimes it’s after that rugby game, sometimes its when the upper respiratory tract blocks up and draining is needed other times it can be seeking help with things like dyspraxia and learning challenges.

Our aim, no matter how big your spine, is to keep things moving and free of tension. Life, at any age can throw trauma and stressors at you in all sorts of different ways, having a chiropractor to help you stay healthy on the inside is a great idea.

Additional Information

All our chiropractors are proficient in gentle spinal and cranial techniques aimed to improve the function of your child’s spine, nervous system and cranial system. They use gentle spinal and cranio-sacral techniques to ensure that your baby is adjusted carefully and precisely allowing optimal nervous system function. As your child gets bigger different techniques can be used approbate for the size and problem that presents.

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