How Chiropractic Can Help Babies & Young Children

Chiropractic can play a vital role in having healthy, happy and well balanced children and babies.

You take your child to the dentist, so why not the chiropractor? Spinal problems that are carried into adulthood are preventable to a great extent, just like tooth decay. Taking care of your child’s body as much as you would their teeth is knowing that their spine, nervous system and general well being are being looked after too.

And a new study has found chiro can be a particularly useful helping the body deal with  leg cramps and growing pains in children. Growing pains most commonly occur in children aged 2-12 and are a significant cause of childhood discomfort. Identifying the problem means life will be much happier for both the children and the parents.

Instead of treating specific problems (such as growing pains), chiropractic aims to correct underlying or undetected nerve and spine dysfunction, helping the body to naturally work the way it should. In addition to looking at other factors that may influence growing pains such as nutrition, hydration and footwear, addressing possible nerve and spinal dysfunctions may help growing pains to rapidly resolve on their own.

You can find more information about how this works over at WellAdjusted.

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