Sport Injuries

Taking part in different sports is a great way to keep active, fit and healthy, a state that can sometimes be hard to achieve living in London! However, if certain steps are not taken, sports can place a great deal of stress on the body.

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Sports injuries can occur as a result of an accident such as a trip or fall, or a strain from a lack of regular stretching, cool down exercises and good technique. Pushing beyond your limits is one of the most common causes of sporting injuries.

When a sporting injury occurs it is often a result of a problem that may have been present for some time before the pain appears.



Whether an amateur or professional, repeated stresses that come from various sports can reduce the movement in your spine which in turn affects your muscles and nerves. At Putney Chiropractic we treat a huge amount of sporting injuries including strained calves and hamstrings, back pain, tennis elbow, groin and thigh sprains.



At Putney Chiropractic all of our team are sports enthusiasts who are here to give you the best treatment possible and get you back in the game. A combination of in depth knowledge and top notch technology means that we can quickly reach a diagnosis and move on to an effective treatment. We will discuss with you the activities that lead to the injury, and perform a physical examination. If there is a risk of fracture we may give you an x-ray while, if a soft tissue injury is likely we have MRI facilities to get to the source of the problem.

Our chiropractic team can not only speed up your recovery, we can also improve your performance by making sure your body is functioning to its prime and advise you on how best to avoid further injury.

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