When babies grow in to toddlers, an abundance of changes take place as they start to stand, walk and move independently for the very first time. This change not only takes a lot of effort, concentration and bumps, it also takes a great deal of balance.

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Correct alignment at this stage, when toddlers are balancing on two feet for the very first time is extremely important in order to give them the best start in life and avoid problems in the future. The number of bumps and falls they have means that it is vital to regularly correct misalignment or blockages in their spine. They are growing so quickly and being so active that if a misalignment were to take place it could affect their development and health.

How Chiropractic can help


Chiropractic works on the idea that in order to be truly healthy, the spine and the central nervous system need to be functioning efficiently so that information to the rest of the body can flow freely. When a toddler has a bump or a fall, this free flow of information is disrupted, reducing the body’s ability to self heal. A toddler’s body is not only growing at a phenomenal rate, they are also developing their immune system, motor control and numerous other systems that enable their body to function effectively, chiropractic can aid these systems to develop efficiently, resulting in a truly healthy child.

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