Pregnancy & Chiropractic

There’s no time in your life when regular chiropractic treatment will be more important than when you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a special, unique, and private time in a woman’s life. The emotions associated range through the full spectrum from excitement and relief to anxiety and even fear. Every mother needs a support network on this journey, and we are proud that so many mums-to-be choose us to be on their team.

We are just one part of a team in every pregnancy that includes partners, midwives, doctors, doulas, family… we respect the choices of all our clients, and provide further information and community support as and when it is requested.

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Every birth story is different

Every birth story is different too. Dr Craig has two young children, who arrived in the world in very different ways – one with lots of intervention in hospital, and one at home with none at all – he is always happy to discuss his experiences. He, and the team, understand that everyone wants the best possible outcome, and one that is right for them.

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Anna’s Story

12184203_10153585030165041_6816934744045620102_o (1)Anna Morgan began receiving regular chiropractic care 10 years ago. She previously had neck issues, but these had been resolved and she was seen regularly by the chiropractors for physical health and wellbeing. She continues chiropractic care when she fell pregnant because she had experienced first hand the impact it has…

“In the three months before conceiving my first child, I was exercising regularly, eating well, and getting adjusted regularly as I wanted to be in great shape for my wedding day. I fell pregnant about two months later and continued to see the guys at Putney Chiro every week during my pregnancy – I did this because after years under care I saw the benefits of regular chiropractic care. I know it helps the body to change and wanted to be as healthy and comfortable as possible hence I increased the frequency to once a week.

“As a result, I have had no problems and no pain during my pregnancy and felt great. I was able to move and sleep easily and have maintained a healthy weight. I put this down to good health and exercise before conceiving and receiving chiropractic care from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy.

“I’ve since had two more children and have been under regular care over the last 5 years for all three pregnancies. It has helped me stay active, comfortable and mobile throughout all of them and enabled me to deal with the sometimes common aches and pains of pregnancy. My labours all went well and despite having big babies and even bigger toddlers (thanks husband!) and all babies arrived at least 2 weeks overdue – I was able to remain fit and well throughout.”

What the Midwives Say

12967549_10153929588140041_2554976228006253892_o (1)Many midwives refer their clients and their new babies to us for chiropractic care. Chiropractic care in pregnancy is a safe and gentle way to promote comfort and minimise back pain during your pregnancy and to support the natural birthing process.

Natalie van Rooyen is an independent midwife and has no doubt that chiropractic treatment has helped many of her clients with comfort during pregnancy and improved birth outcomes:

“As a Midwife I recommend chiropractic treatment to all of my client’s. In my experience, antenatal adjustments promote general well being, manage common pregnancy ailments and improve birth outcomes.

“Postnatal treatment aids a smooth recovery for mothers and treatment for babies can improve feeding and facilitate a calmer child. The benefits of chiropractic are numerous.

“I not only advocate chiropractic treatment for childbearing but as a continuous lifestyle choice for the entire family. Putney Chiropractic Centre specialises in pregnancy and newborns and will provide a professional and family friendly service.”

Our Approach

At Putney Chiropractic we see lots of mums-to-be so are well prepared to help you throughout your pregnancy. We are all trained in Webster’s pregnancy technique and have close relations with many midwives throughout London.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy creates balance, ensuring that the mother’s spine and nervous system can work at their optimal capacity – critical with the changes taking place in her body and providing the best possible environment for the developing baby. Doctors of Chiropractic work on your spine and pelvis during pregnancy to promote balanced movement and alignment. With the pelvis in a balanced state, the ligaments connected to the uterus maintain an equalized, supportive suspension for the uterus. Relief of these constraints will also offer the best possible chance for baby to be in the right position when labour commences.

If the pelvis is out of balance, these ligaments can become torqued and twisted, causing a condition known as uterine constraint. Ensuring that your pelvis and neurology is balanced will help your body to adapt to pregnancy more gracefully and easily and by relieving the tension, baby and mother are more comfortable. The pregnancy specific chiropractic technique is referred to as Webster’s technique; all the chiropractors at Putney are trained in this technique.

We recognize that every body has different and specific needs, and every pregnancy is different. As a baby grows, so the mother’s body must also change, adapting and accommodating the precious cargo. The body is simply amazing, and birth is phenomenal. Chiropractic can play an important role as mother and child develop together, releasing restrictions and allowing the body to perform at it’s best

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