High altitude Chiropractic

Dr Craig and Dr Carl recently made a trip to Verbier, Switzerland to help Warren Smith with his Ski Academy by giving advice to some of the 25 skiers on the course.

The importance of stretching
Following on from the newly developed ChiroSki section of our website, the chiropractors were keen assist Warren and his class perform a series of on-piste stretches which fire up the muscles and prepare the body for skiing. These stretches are designed to improve your body’s performance on the slopes.

ChiroSki assessments
Some of the skiers in the academy were fornunate to have a ChiroSki assessment on mountain. This assessment determines specific weaknesses in the skier’s bio-mechanics and neurophysiology and aims to give them practical exercises and treatment to wake up areas of their body that have prevented them from skiing at their best in the past.

Please look at ChiroSki to get more information as to how you can have one of these assessments yourself. For more information about the Warren Smith Ski Academy please visit their web site.f