Healthy lifestyle stress control

We are now living in very stressful times. War, global warming and economic disasters surround us. On a more personal level, some of us wish there were a few extra hours in each day; we’re stressed out by the demands at work and at home. Taking time out to relax and rejuvenate yourself in these turbulent times will help you feel better, have more energy and live longer.

The following are six stress reducers and things you can do to help to boost your immune system and reduce your stress:

1. Healthy Living
There are some known links to substances that stress our bodies. If you reduce or eliminate these things from your lifestyle, you will reduce physical stress. Some things to look at are drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sugar and caffeine – moderate or high intake of these means you can be creating stress for yourself.

2. Breathe Deeply
Practice deep breathing prior to and during a stressful situation. When most adults become stressed they stop breathing completely or practice shallow, rapid breathing patterns. The healthiest method of breathing is deep, diaphragmatic breathing because this sends an impulse to the brain to relax.

3. Sense of Humour
When you can find the humour in stressful situations, you can laugh your way through life. Laughing releases the body’s natural endorphins and will ward off potential stress before it even begins. The more you laugh the easier and more contagious it becomes.

4. Fun Activities

Make a list of things you love to do: pleasurable activities. When was the last time you engaged in them? Taking care of yourself and making sure you schedule some “me” time is essential to keeping stress at bay. Even though you may think you have no time for pleasure, taking that time will increase your productivity when you do get down to business.

5. Make a List
Ken Keyes, a quadriplegic, was a remarkable teacher. He wrote: “To be upset over what you don’t have, is to waste what you do have.” When you are having an off day and want to perk up, make a list of everything in your life that you can give thanks for. Start with the simple acknowledgement that you have a roof over your head, food in the pantry, money in your pocket and go on to add as many items as you can. You might include having a friend, a good memory, a park to sit in, and you can carry a tune. Weigh the positive against the negative you were just thinking and notice the difference.

6. Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care is the quickest and most effective way to release stress in your nerve system. Removing interference and stress in your nervous system gives your body the ability to heal and regulate at its optimal level.