Healthy Habits graduation #1

Congratulations to the first Creating Healthy Habits crew!

Dedication and determination

After 13 gruelling weeks we have emerged healthier, happier, fitter and stronger. Last Tuesday we held a little party at the practice to celebrate the healthy changes we have made, enjoying some good food and great company.

The Healthy Habits crew have noticed all sorts of changes in their bodies, from increased energy and better sleep, through to weight loss and healthier skin and hair.

Bec explains “All of the Healthy Habits are designed with one goal in mind- increasing health. It is a lot easier on the mind and body to gain something, rather than focusing on losing something. As a natural consequence of gaining health, your body will find it’s natural, healthy balance, rhythm, energy and weight.”

Would you like to shed those unhealthy habits?

For details about Creating Healthy Habits and joining the next course check out our workshops page. We have bi-monthly workshops on health and wellness, plus Bec’s Healthy Habits series and specialised sports themes, such as cycling and running.