Graham’s story


Graham Bell, BBC Ski Sunday’s presenter and ex world cup and GB Olympian, tells his story about his experience at Putney Chiro “As an ex World Cup Skier I raced for 16 years on the World Cup Downhill circuit skiing in 5 Olympic Games along the way. Inevitably I picked up a number of injuries over that time. When I stopped racing in 1998, I was left with an unstable shoulder that could dislocate at the slightest provocation (throwing a snowball or even rolling over in bed). I had an operation to tighten the ligaments, but a few years later I managed to re-dislocate my shoulder climbing out of the water in a Triathlon.

When I hooked up with Craig McLean I had stopped swimming, and all racquet sports were out of the question. I had lost all confidence in my right shoulder, and was considering a second operation with at least two months recovery time. Craig’s advice was “give me six weeks to work on it and see what we can do to strengthen the muscles supporting the joint, then make up your mind about the op.”

It turned out that an even earlier injury to my upper back was not helping matters, and the rotator cuff muscles in my shoulder were all but useless. With Craig’s help I have now resumed swimming, and have even started playing squash again. The operation is on hold, and touch-wood with the added strength I now have in the joint, I won’t need it.”

Graham Bell – ex GB World Cup and Olympic Downhill Skier, Presenter BBC Ski Sunday

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