Get Ready For Winter Fitness Session

Last week Dr Craig was very kindly asked to share his expertise at the Austrian National Tourist Office’s annual media winter get together, entitled Get Ready For Winter.

So at 7.30 am, he and a group of active and willing volunteers that included Britain’s premiere female alpine skier, Chemmy Alcott, headed out to Hyde Park and embarked on a fitness regime that is the perfect preparation for the coming winter months. Craig took the group through a series of exercises that you can easily do at home, and that will impact your fitness, health and core strength.

It was a great morning out with everyone who took part feeling pumped up and energised by the end of it. The routine definitely got Chemmy’s vote, whose preparation for the winter season is especially vital. After the session we headed back for the impressive breakfast laid on by Galvin at Windows, The Hilton. Bucks Fizz anyone?

The exercises used in this session are perfect for anyone looking to stay fit over the winter with many of them being specially tailored for skiing and snowboarding.

To see more exercises for skiers check out the full range here.