Germs and Immunity

How do I avoid getting sick?

If the question is how to evade the effects of nasty virulent strains of bacteria?

1. Many people think that avoiding the “germs” is the answer.
2. Others would answer the same question by suggesting antibiotics.
3. Others might answer by suggesting that the effects can only take a hold if the bodies defences are overwhelmed. Their answer would involve strengthening the human bodies immune system.

Which option resonates most with you?

It is impossible to avoid “germs”. They are everywhere. More germs under your hand on the office desk than around a toilet bowl. Certainly we can try to avoid standing directly under the nose of a person sneezing, but you are kidding yourself if you have an avoid the germ approach. In fact being subjected to various bacteria and viruses helps you to develop antibodies which are a key part of your immune defence. Think twice before sterilizing everything in sight and overusing hand wipes.

Antibiotics as an option to quell bacterial infections is a contentious topic to say the least. I tend to notice more people reluctant to take antibiotics and kudos to you if that is your approach. Antibiotic over prescription has led to development of some of the more potent strains of bugs. Antibiotics also wipe out natural intestinal flora (Good bacteria). These good bacteria are an active vital part of your immune system. So the irony is that Antibiotics designed to eradicate you of bacteria and the symptoms associated lead to a depleted immune system. Now you might understand why one course of Antibiotics frequently leads to another course of them.

If answer 3 resonates to you – Great! There are many ways to harness an outrageously strong immune response. What you eat, how you think and how you move are fundamental health influencing factors. These 3 factors ie Eat, Think and Move are ‘it and a bit’ in regards to your immune systems health. Of course a gentle and natural Chiropractic Adjustment is a great way for a quick boost to your immune system!

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