Chiropractic Low Back Exercises

The following low back exercise program has been developed by the whole team at Putney Chiropractic.

Low back pain is an increasingly common problem in today’s society. Long periods of time spent sitting at a desk, increased use of phones, laptops and tablets and a limited amount of exercise are all contributing factors. These exercises are a great way to reduce low back tension or pain, build up your core strength and improve your posture.

To ensure you are able to complete all of the exercises in this program, please consult your chiropractor before commencement.

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The low back stretching and strengthening program
1. Low back – intro
2. Low back – pre workout checkup
3. Low back stretch – hamstring
4. Low back stretch – active hamstring
5. Low back stretch – hip flexor (psoas)
6. Low back stretch – active hip flexor (psoas)
7. Low back stretch – piriformis
8. Low back stretch – advanced piriformis
9. Low back stretch – lumbar roll
10. Low back stretch – active lumbar roll
11. Low back stretch – knees to chest
12. Low back strength – into and cat stretch
13. Low back strength – single leg lift
14. Low back strength – superman
15. Low back strength – plank
16. Low back strength – side plank

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