Chiropractic Exercises

To complement your treatment program of spinal adjustments at Putney Chiropractic, our principal chiropractor Dr Craig and the team have put together a series of spinal stretches and strengthening exercises.


These exercises are designed to initially stretch your spine and associated muscles that have become less flexible and then, after you feel more competent at the stretching exercises, you can begin a strengthening program.

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Downloadable exercise sheets


The exercises below link to downloadable exercise pages that you can print out and take to the gym.

Lower Back Stretches – Improve overall flexibility of your lower back and leg muscles  Download PDF

 Neck stretches – Improve neck flexibility and reduce shoulder tension, especially for computer users  Download PDF

 Basic “Swiss” Ball Exercises – Strengthen core supporting muscles to adapt to the daily stresses on your spine  Download PDF

 Adv “Swiss” Ball Exercises – More advanced exercises to help your core supporting muscles increase strength Download PDF

 Core Stability Exercises – Simple & effective exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home  Download PDF

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