Edwina’s Organic Quest

Dr Edwina Waddell shares her latest experiences in attempting to live and stay healthy in London.

This week, in my eternal quest to simplify my life by shortening my to do-list, in a health focused and free from nastie’s way, I did my first online, all- organic, grocery shop.

I was bored of scouring the supermarket for organic fruit and vegetables, trying to source meat and eggs that were organic, free range, and fed as nature intended (ie: not grain fed). Wandering the aisles was uninspiring and  took just a little more time than I am willing to spend, hence my foray into online shopping – thank-you Riverford Organics!

As part of my research, I had a few conversations with local butchers and green grocers and realised that many people don’t understand the benefits of organic food, hence wouldn’t necessary devote the time to sourcing these goodies.  In the case of vegetables and fruit, it isn’t just the possibility that you may have higher levels of nutrients in your food, it is that they will have lower levels of toxic pesticides, and will be non GM. That is definitely something that I want!

In the case with meat and eggs, it is important  to eat food that hasn’t been fed hormones (which we would ingest!), and has also been fed grass, worms and whatever else they are naturally intended to consume. Of course one of the other great benefits is supporting your local farms who care for their animals and allow them to eat and behave naturally.

So, it’s natural, clean food for me! Have a wonderful week!

For further info regarding healthy eating and and the benefits of an organic lifestyle, come down to our next health talk! Eat Blueprint Nutrition Workshop