Edwina Joins her Mum Trekking in the Pyrenees

As you all know, the Putney team are a sporty bunch who know the importance of walking the talk! But it doesn’t stop there, their families are an active lot too! A few weeks ago Dr Edwina’s mother Sue began a gruelling four week long trek through France and Spain. Not one to miss out on the action, Dr Edwina flew out to join her for the beginning of this unforgettable adventure!

“My mother, Sue had been inspired to do this particular physical challenge by the film The Way, a wonderful story of a grieving father who pays homage to his son by following this same trail through the Pyrenees. Traditionally a pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of¬†Santiago de Compostela, The Way of St James or Camino de Santiago was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages of the middle ages. It is a route that has been followed by thousands of people seeking spiritual guidance and in more recent years, by writers, artists, and most memorably, my mum! She had been training for over a year before embarking on the journey that ¬†is over 800km long and runs through the beautiful Basque region of France and Spain.
Of course I wanted to join her for part of it, and the start seemed a good as a time as any so we began in the French Basque village of St Jean Pied a Port which translates as Saint John at the Foot of the Mountain Pass. We walked together for four days, over the breath taking, and at times gruelling Pyrenees mountains, past Pamplona to Puente le Reina.
We had a wonderful time together, with beautiful conversations, scenery, food and wine! She hopes to finish in early January so I’d like to wish her the best of luck over the final weeks of her adventure.”