Dr Michael – Healing & Recovery

Dr Michael is back from a 3 month layoff with a serious injury. After his rehabilitation he has shared his experience on recovery and healing.

Well after my little tete a tete with a large deer in Richmond park on my bicycle I struggled to see much positive from the experience.

A full afternoon of surgery, along with metal pieces in both my elbow and shoulder was not on my life bucket list.

But as with all aspects of life there was some positive in the experience. Sitting at home watching Australia smash south Africa in the cricket was one of the highlights!

Being quite incapacitated meant that to stay sane, I gradually slowed my life down and didn’t try to pack too much into too little time. After all, I had all day to do quite little. Taking more time in life is a liberating experience and after being in London, gradually speeding everything up previously it was a positive experience to slow things down again and reflect on things in a bit more detail.

I also got to experience what is required for good healing. After years in practice helping people to optimal health and reading about healing, it was a much more real experience to live through it.

My key points to remember with any healing, whether from surgery, a sore part of your body or even the common cold are:

1. Healing takes time.

2. Rest is needed for healing.

3. Healthy nutrition is essential. Supplementation with high quality vitamins and minerals is often very beneficial.

4. A healthy spine and nervous system sets the foundation to allow recovery from whatever the ailment.

5. A positive mental attitude is vital, especially if you are looking at a lengthy healing time.

I am so glad to be back at Putney adjusting again. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and well wishes. I really missed everyone and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.