Dr Luke tackles Ultraks 2015

Dr Luke tackles Ultraks 2015

Earlier this year Dr Luke took on Ultraks 2015 – a 46km trail race around the magnificent Matterhorn. It turned out to be an epic adventure.

Here’s what Dr Luke has to say about it…

So, as is almost standard practice these days I signed up to this 46km adventure after having a few beers with some friends. Full of enthusiasm and ignorance we thought it’d be a great idea. Thankfully we were right…

The course started and finished in Zermatt, a village famous for having one of the best views of the Matterhorn, one of Europe’s most iconic mountains. The trail was “bumpy” to say the least!

Training for this event was primarily strength training in the gym (thank you The Little Library Barnes), numerous hill sessions in Richmond Park and the odd Hypoxic Chamber Session in Third Space Gym Soho.Dr Luke Ultraks

Unfortunately it was very clear from the outset that no amount of running in London was nearly enough to prepare me for how different running at 2500m altitude truly is. I was reduced to a walk for the majority of the uphill’s, but thoroughly enjoyed the “controlled falling” that is otherwise known as running downhill!

This is a truly amazing event with spectacular views littered all along the route… The scenery both metaphorically (& literally) lifted us through our physical “up & downs” of which there were many.

We managed to get around in 9hrs 40mins which included many stops for photos, food and general weariness…

I’m already looking forward to the next mountainous adventure in 2016 and have started training with an over-night run along the Thames from Henley to London.

To be continued…


The video below are the official highlights of the race:


Tommy Tonkins

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