Dr Luke Brady

Dr Luke all set to take on Mont Blanc

80km, 24 hours and one driven chiropractor are the main ingredients being thrown into the mix when Dr Luke tackles the Mont Blanc ultramarathon later this month.

Widely recognised as one of the most technical trail races in France, Luke will climb 6000 meters across 82km, having a cut off time of 24 hours to complete the course. Luke’s been training hard and is eagerly anticipating the challenge.

Here’s what he has to say: “On Friday 24th June I’ll be tackling 80kms (50ish miles) of trails around the awesome Mont Blanc, hopefully under the 24 hour cutoff time.

“This somewhat pales in comparison to the 46km jaunt around the Matterhorn last year in Zermatt, basically doubling the total amount of elevation or put simply, twice the amount of “up” in slightly less the total distance!

“Needless to say I’ve been training hard(ish) mainly focusing on lifting heaving things with my legs in the gym and going for the occasional run.

“For this I’d like to thank the team in Little Library Gym, Barnes, for telling me to do just one more rep (I swear Personal Trainers either can’t count or are just plain lying all the time?!) and my fellow running companions who have joined me on most of my 6 training runs this year.

“Yes. 6. I figured that there won’t actually be THAT much running involved on account of the fact that it’s crazy steep and there’s not much oxygen up there. So I’ve resigned myself to a brisk walk (trudge) up and a controlled fall down the other side.

“I know it doesn’t sound like much of a plan, but that’s how I’m going to play it. Wish me luck and I look forward to sharing my adventure with you at the end of the month!”

We’ll let you know how Luke got on once he returns. In the meantime, check out our timetable to see when Dr Luke is available for adjustments.