Dr Edwina’s Allergy Advice

It’s spring, and we all know what that means! Meadow flowers, lighter days, running through the fields ….hang on a minute….. Those pesky allergies can really take the enjoyment out


of the best time of the year. I only began experiencing this for myself a few years ago, and I have created a great formula that I stick to, it works for me, it can work for you too!

‘Seasonal allergic rhinitis’ is very common, affecting about 30% of the population, with symptoms of streaming eyes and nose, burning throat, and a mucousy cough that can last for months. It isn’t uncommon for it to later develop into an upper respiratory infection, or asthma. I personally don’t like taking anti-histamines, because when your body doesn’t like things that are happening to it, it will have a physiological response –  hayfever can be just that. When we take anti-histamines it can prevent that physiological response from happening – but we are still ‘allergic’! I prefer to make my body healthier naturally, so that I am strong enough to manage these extra stressors.

The most important thing is to make sure we as are healthy in a ‘whole’ sense as possible – there is no point taking extra supplements etc., if we  are not meeting our basic health requirements. This means regular exercise, 7-9 hours sleep, healthy food, 2-3 litres of filtered water per day, and a clear nervous system. I get my spine checked twice a week if I feel ‘hayfevery’, to make sure that my nervous system is on top form, and am more focused on all of the other health factors above. In addition I take a probiotic daily to make sure that my gastrointestinal system is functioning as well as possible. Jenny Adamson, practice member, nutritional therapist, and general manager of charity  ‘Food for the Brain’ agrees, saying  “ a healthy gastrointestinal system is very important for overall immunity’’. Vitamin D is also very important for overall immunity, and should be taken as a supplement unless you are lucky enough to spend your days outside with lots of sun exposure. I like Vitamin D3 from Epigenetics International.

Once you are sure that you are doing all of the above I strongly recommend taking all milk out of your diet (even that little bit you have in your tea), as it is mucous producing andprolongs and increases the inflammatory response. I also recommend cutting all sugar out of your diet for a period of time (at least 2 weeks), and taking a super strength vitamin C. I love the very zappy vitamin c with alpha lipoic acid,  from Epigenetics International.

In order of importance my top tips are:

Meet your basic health requirements of exercise, diet, rest, hydration, and a clear nervous system.

Remove all milk from your diet

Vitamin C, probiotics, and vitamin D supplementation.