Dr Craig moves up a cycle racing category

Dr Craig understands the stresses cycling can place on your spine
In 2008 Craig started cycle racing and successfully gained his British Cycling 3rd category racing license in his first season. He has a background in triathlon but since joining London Dynamo cycle club in 2005 he found a new thrill in cycling racing.

A number of our clients in the past have benefited from a combined approach of Chiropractic treatment together with advice from specialist bike fitters like Profeet to assist them to be more comfortable and perform better on their bikes. It is a great idea to get yourself fitted to your bike correctly so your body can work more efficiently. It also makes sense to get your spine adjusted to correct some of the imbalances that are commonly created by hours in the saddle.

Chiropractic and Cycling
Putney Chiropractic provides the tools to enable your body to be more flexible, have less muscle tension and clears neural pathways to ensure maximum power while cycling.

Using bio-mechanical, postural, neurological and muscle function assessments together with X-ray analysis of leg length differences we at Putney Chiropractic can help you be strong, powerful and comfortable on your bike.

The Science of Cycle-Fitting from www.profeet.co.uk
“Every cyclist has unique biomechanics, so there are no generalizations that apply when truly fitting a rider to a bike. When you buy a bike and your position is not optimized, it will cause you to underperform. A proper bike fit will not only provide you with the most economic means of expending energy, but will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they have purchased. We would rather adapt the bike to the body you already have. Profeet doesn’t sell bikes, we just make sure that they fit properly.”