Dr Bryan left ‘proud and humble’ by runner’s success

This is a story of how with dedication, training and the right support team anything is possible, even running a marathon. Putney Chiropractic and Profeet have worked together for over 15 years to help runners perform at their best. Read on only if you want inspiration.

Warning: it may inspire you to run a marathon yourself.


In October 2015, Avinash Bhogun (Avi) found out he’d be running his first marathon. And it wouldn’t just be any marathon. It would be the London Marathon, one of the biggest road marathons in the world, and in the very city that Avi was born and raised.

Inspired by watching the marathon in 2013, Avi decided that he’d like to run it himself. In applying through the ballot, Avi unfortunately met with two years worth of rejections. With hopes dwindling, Avi’s unfettered enthusiasm pushed him to apply again in 2016. This time lady luck shone on him and he became one of the “chosen few” to be offered a place. Those magic words “You’re in!” took time to settle in but once they did, Avi knew a long and challenging road lay ahead in order to be able to get to the starting line.

At the time, he didn’t know quite how long that road would be. While his mind was determined, it seemed his body wasn’t always as willing to cooperate. And early in his training regimen Avi began to notice that his body wasn’t performing quite as it should, and both knees were becoming painful.

After undergoing a running analysis at Profeet, the advice to Avi was to see a chiropractor as soon as possible to help correct a number imbalances that appeared to be hindering him. It was at this point in Avi’s journey that he met Dr Bryan.

“When Avi first came to see me, he told me he’d qualified via the ballot to run in the London Marathon,” says Dr Bryan. “He was super excited and ultra determined, however he was struggling with pain in both knees, due to a major pelvic imbalance and some wonky posture.

“This was not only impeding his training and performance, it had Avi doubting if he could actually make the race. My aim from day one was to get him functioning properly, moving well and in good balance, and then running without pain so he could not just complete the race but truly enjoy it at the same time.”

Dr Bryan and Avi post-marathon.

Avi said: “Something I’ll never forget is the phrase Dr Bryan kept repeating in the weeks leading up to the race – enjoy yourself. As long as you do this, you will be fine. This was definitely my mantra in the final weeks of training. And it is something I keep telling myself to this day, to not put any untoward pressure on myself and to really enjoy the running, and especially on race-day.

“Little did I know how important my first visit to Dr Bryan was, and how valuable the next 5 months of corrective treatment, advice and feedback would be. There’s a reason the professionals are there, and Dr Bryan Thirsk is that. A pro.

“I think I knew early on that Avi would do well and be fine for the race”, says Dr Bryan. “I could tell within his first two to three weeks of treatment that he was responding well and that the imbalances were improving. Of course, this made it easy to reassure him that he could get better in time for the race. As his knee pain diminished, his confidence grew, and I think we had him back running pain-free within about 6-8 weeks.

“While I’m certain I played an important role in Avi’s recovery, full credit goes to Avi himself, who had the perfect mindset to achieve such a great result. I always say that if you believe you can get better, you have a positive attitude, and are you committed to putting in the work and getting the appropriate treatment, there are very few things in this life that one cannot recover from.

“Avi is a good example of that, and I think he is an inspiration to anyone who has ever thought about running a marathon, let alone the countless people we come across every day who struggle to recover from aches and pains or overcome a health challenge.”

As Avi himself says: “In the run up to the marathon I had regular adjustments with Dr Bryan and this was very important as the weekly visits kept the body in good form and the feedback clear between the both of us. Honesty is the best policy; don’t lie to your doctor!


“Race day approached before I knew it. It was all I could think about. Running in the greatest city I love, born and raised in. And also being apart of the rich history. I did everything Dr Bryan told me to, and it totally paid off.

“I had a truly awesome race and I really enjoyed myself. The support was incredible, the atmosphere was something else, and hands-down, no other race I’ve taken part in can produce this vibe and feeling.”

Dr Bryan added: “I’m both proud and humbled by Avi’s achievement. He’s been a pleasure to work with, has a great attitude and has taken on board all of our advice. As a rule, our bodies are quite intelligent and know how to get better when given the chance.

“Chiropractic treatment is the best way I know to get your body functioning properly again, and then working to the best of its ability, not only for peak performance but also for optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.

“Regular adjustments are a great way to make sure you have a healthy nervous system and a clear communication channel between your body and your brain. This not only improves performance but it also significantly reduces one’s risk of injury.

“Chiropractic is ideal for athletes, but it is really for everyone, and it can help almost anyone. Daily life, after all, has its stresses and challenges, as does living in a fast-paced city like London. So if you’re having a pain or a problem, not sure how to get rid of it, and would like to know if we can help, please get in touch.”

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