Dr Abi’s 30-day hot yoga and chiro challenge

Dr Abi’s 30-day hot yoga and chiro challenge

The newest additions to the Putney Chiropractic and chiro.london teams are the brother and sister combo of Drs Abi and Luke Grace.

The pair of them recently took on a 30 day hot-yoga challenge. They received regular chiropractic care through the whole process and documented how the process of treatment and yoga combined, with both the challenges and benefits it brought.

Want to take the challenge for yourself? We believe it is so important to combine chiro and yoga we have negotiated a great rate from the Hot Spot Yoga Centre for 30 days of unlimited yoga, combined with a months’ worth of chiropractic care (up to x3 per week). You pay for 30 days of unlimited yoga and up to x3 sessions a week of chiro for a total of £496 – normally costs £764.

Feel comfortable and confident that any of the challenges of a 30 day yoga program can be dealt with by your personalised chiropractic sessions, allowing you to thrive.

The normal price of £764 broken down is – Yoga: £99 for 30 days unlimited, Chiro: £125 first visit (incl x-rays if needed) and up to 3 visits a week for a month – i.e. up to 12 sessions @£45 each

Here’s the diary Dr Abi kept of the 30-days…

DAY 1 – Excited!
Very hot and felt stiff, very inflexible and tight across the tummy, feeling positive. such a cute dog there Polly, what a babe!

DAY 2 – Stretching better than yesterday.
Good. Felt slightly better than day before not quite as stiff. Got adjusted felt good. I’m still like a kid with a new toy!

DAY 3 – Neck and stomach changing.
Got adjusted before session, my lower neck/upper back were so tight, it hurt to extend my neck – my adjustment sorted that and I was ready for class! My stomach really playing up, bloating and going to the toilet a lot.

DAY 4 – Liver and gallbladder changing.
Hardest class so far, eating the wrong things and too close to the session. So hot today in class. Stomach getting sore every time I eat in the morning. As well as spinal adjustments I got some visceral adjustments done to my gallbladder and liver as this showed up as weak on muscle testing.

DAY 5 – Pelvis realigning changing ankle strength.
Got adjusted before hot yoga, pelvis felt much better and the adjustment of my sacrum released the tightness in my left ankle instantly. Felt good at class and my left leg was much stronger, especially when standing on one leg. Interestingly, as my left leg became stronger my right became weaker, this tells me I have been compensating due to a pelvis misalignment, now I need to strengthen the right leg muscles that have become lazy.

DAY 6 – Emotions stretched, anger realised from gallbladder.
Woke up feeling super irritable, totally feeling loads of anger coming up, and started to feel victimised. I am honouring what’s coming up, have a feeling this is about letting go but I don’t want too, why should I – love a bit of entitlement dancing in time with anger ;-)! Hot yoga is definitely starting to stretch into my emotional body.

DAY 7 – Muscles & spine stretch into a new space, feeling flow, no resistance.
Felt really good at this class, best one yet, body way more in alignment with postures left piroforms muscle nowhere near as stiff and as a result the alignment of my pelvis is much better, aesthetically this is making so many of my yoga postures better and it feels like I am using less energy getting into the correct alignment, my muscles and spoke are not resisting me. Got adjusted purely because I am feeling pimp and want to see how far I can take this feeling.

DAY 8 – Super emotional, muscles testings shows this is from anger & not letting go.
Super emotional this morning, Luke said I needed to be less intense. I laughed and then instantly burst into tears. Intense? No way!! Interestingly I had the most stable strong meditative class yet, nothing was difficult everything felt calm, strong and balanced. We muscle tested and found the route unstable emotion in me earlier was anger at myself for not being able to let go of something. Muscle testing confirmed that Bickram was helping me release this emotion from my body…..cool….game on!!!

DAY 9 – Missed class but Lilio Celiac value says ‘Hello”.
No Bikram! Missed the 6:30am class and couldn’t go to any other. will have have to do 2 in 1 day this week to make up! Had C1 neck adjustment, felt super tight and felt bit sick until the adjustment. Instant relief. Had bad stomach after some fatty food in evening, had lilac celiac value adjustment which helped. Body becoming much more sensitive to food that aren’t healthy.

DAY 10 – Super emotional, laughing crying, crying laughing.
Still super emotional, the ‘start laughing then burst into tears’ kind of emotion. I just can’t stop it and why would I? This challenge is all about transformation in not just a physical way. I need to cry, I need to cry, it’s all good, no judgement right, namaste ;-)!

DAY 11 – Respiratory system changes, more toxins released, grief leaves.
Starting to get a cold and a bit of a sore throat. I can feel its just shifting stuff though and I don’t feel ill. I thought Bikram would be hard with but it was ok and ‘Camel’ posture actually meant I could breath.

DAY 11 – Chiro adjustments for cold, positive changes occurring.
Full blown cold, blocked nose, but still don’t feel poorly. I used eucalyptus essential oil and chiro adjustments focusing on my neck and mid back for my thyroid and respiratory system. There’s no way I’m treating this cold with drugs, not after all the toxins the buckram is sweating out of me. I know without doubt this cold is just another physical expression of the Bickram challenge releasing toxins from my system….so bring it on!!

DAY 12 – Double Bikram. I can do this – warrior pose – I Am My Power!
Still have the cold but feel good. Did my first double Bickram session. It was the hottest session yet and the back to back was hard. Just so thirsty! I feel empowered because I am choosing to consciously reframe how I experience my cold. Got adjusted feel loads better, nowhere specific felt like it needed an adjustment.

DAY 13 – Cold leaves & energising blast of vitality moves in!
Feel good today, cold nearly gone. Feel more energy. Pleased that I did not let the cold stop the challenge, I honoured it as an integral part of the challenge and saw it as helping me realise more toxins. Positive mental attitude – hell yes! Sleeping well.

DAY 14 – Large intestine & lung changes. Feeling the power of my wood and mental meridians.
Feel good. My body is stretching better in every posture, I can feel the capacity of my lungs increasing which must be adding to my energy levels increasing. I am getting diarrhea.

DAY 15 – Physical, mental, emotional letting go.
Very hot again and still getting diarrhea. I am realising many of the yoga postures are working on my digestive muscles and organs. This is really stimulating changes and feels like it’s increasing my bodies ability to ‘let go’ of toxins.

DAY 16 – Trusting the process, honouring my body’s innate Intelligence
I can not eat any crap food at the moment, it’s like my body just won’t let me and I have no craving for anything specific. Diarrhea calming down now.

DAY 17 – Mind over matter, endurance stimulates major endorphin release, buzzing!
Very hot. Felt super dehydrated in class and it was so much harder as a result, it became all about the strength of my mind and nothing to do with my body. That might sound strange but so far I have noticed the hotter the room gets the more your mind controls the whole class, this creates a completely different workout. The discipline, focus, and internal drive you have becomes the barometer of how this class goes. Love it. It feels like a sport at this point. It’s all about personal best at the moment.

DAY 18 – Burning up or unconsciously holding on to toxins?
Very hot again today and I just was not sweating properly. I was aware of my body heating up. It feels uncomfortable and it’s a clear sign I am not drinking enough water and getting my electrolyte balance right.

DAY 19 – Consciously choosing to let go with gratitude – Ho’oponopono
Became so aware that my whole being is trying to let go of a specific past I have been fighting to hold on to for two years! Really felt the need to consciously work with this in Bikram today. I had the the words ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, I love, thank you’ running through my head throughout the session while visualising the person. By the end of the session it was just ‘Thank you, I love you’, felt beautiful for sure. Was interesting noticing which postures became easier and which became harder as a result of the mantra. My soul felt peace by the end, and my human self felt grateful. Two years of resisting is totally on its way out but can still feel a bit more to do. 11 days left……

DAY 20 – Calmness, physical, mental, emotional & energetic stability
Feeling happy, calm, stable & strong in class. I’m aware I am really starting to contract many more groups of muscles within each of the postures. Both side of my lower back and oblique muscles are feeling much more balanced and flexible. Feeling like a dancer again post class & chiro adjustment.

DAY 21 – Continued calmness
Still feeling great, really enjoying the class and working at getting my alignment, concentration, and strength in each posture. A subtle change in position or contraction of a muscle seems to turn up the intensity of yoga posture 10-fold. Interestingly I am aware the calmer I am the further I can push myself, this seems counter intuitive somehow?!

DAY 22 – Personal best camel stretch, heart is feeling the love, joy returning
I stretched the furthest ever in camel position today. The trick I found was fulling extending my neck before reaching back with my arms to my ankles! It felt incredible! Few hours later I could really feel my lower ribs and middle back had been stretched, really needed an adjustment. Felt instantly better after care. Don’t know why but feels like something big has shifted in me somewhere…

DAY 23 – My moon time, intense symptoms this month, trusting the process, body mind & soul in synch, intention is everything!
Totally didn’t want to go today. So I didn’t! Need to relax and allow my body to do its thing.

DAY 24 – Great session
Feeling happy, content and FREE!

DAY 25 – Just realised, not eaten or craved chocolate so far through the challenge!!!!
Really noticing how much healthier I am eating, without any effort, I am not having to stop myself from eating unhealthy things, I’m just naturally choosing without any effort to eat the good stuff! This is a huge deal for me….this never normally happens!!!

DAY 26 – Mantra for more letting go
Been using muscle testing with Luke to see what else I can do to really let go. From muscle testing my body we got a personal mantra I could say in my head throughout class to help with the process. I repeated this mantra over and over for 90 mins. So interesting to find that different postures to normal became harder!

DAY 27 – Hardest class yet and so thirsty
Don’t think I drank enough yesterday, really paid for this in class today. Not going to make this error again, it’s just painful!!

DAY 28 – Feeling tried before & during class but super energised after!
Really hard again and felt tired, vision started to go on a few postures but my body felt the most in-tune, loose and light. Felt totally different afterwards, especially emotionally, almost feeling the joy ;-)!

DAY 29 – ‘Standing leg hand to knee’ – smashed it!!!
Great class, totally in flow, challenging myself physically but feeling the adrenaline rush within this space. For the first time ever ‘standing leg, hand to knee’ and I completed the full posture – BOOM!!! Total feeling in that moment complete harmony and unity within & around me, and almost for a milli-second like gravity didn’t exist. So want to get that feeling again! Loving it!

DAY 30 – Finished on a double, feel awesome!!
Felt awesome, moved awesome, feel different…….. more responsible, powerful, disciplined, committed, free, creative, happy. Going to a have a couple of days off then back to the studio again. I am not repeating that pattern of making positive changes and then totally going back to where I was before the challenge. This is a minimum of 3 times a week for me now.

Final thoughts: Don’t think about it, take the action and commit to a stronger physical, mental & emotional version of yourself because who wouldn’t want to do that?

Tommy Tonkins

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