Doc Bryan’s June Update

This month for Dr Bryan has been one of greater rest and recuperation after a super intense week in late May at the Inline Hockey World Cup. At the tournament Bryan suffered a calf strain in the second last game versus Australia, and upon returning home he has been hard at work rehabbing his leg back to full strength. This coincides with an end to the hockey season (both ice and inline) for the summer months, and a natural shift toward what hockey players affectionately call “dryland training”.  For Bryan, beyond healing his calf, the goal this summer is to increase his general off-ice fitness and to achieve a personal goal of hitting sub-7-minute miles over 6-8 mile runs a few times a week. Providing the calf holds up, Bryan is confident this is achievable and will allow him to begin next season in top condition and fighting fit.

In the chiropractic sphere, Dr Bryan attended a paediatric conference this month, taught by Dr Armand Rossi, a legend and pioneer in the field of chiropractic paediatrics. The conference focused on the latest techniques for adjusting children and babies, and was hosted by the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association (ICPA). Want to know more about how chiropractors help kids and babies of all ages to thrive and achieve top health?  Have a look at the ICPA’s “Parent Portal

In other news, don’t be surprised if you see a few familiar tennis faces popping in to the Clinic over the next few weeks. Wimbledon is officially upon us again, and Dr Bryan usually sees a few of the players while they are here in London for the tournament. Whether for injuries, niggles, training aches, or just a tune-up to stay at peak performance, pro tennis players are human like the rest of us and can depend on chiropractic to feel and function at their very best.

Have a great July!