Disease Prevention

For many years the scientific community believed that genetics played the major role in our health status. There still are many surgical procedures being carried out due to people carrying a certain gene and being fearful of developing a disease as a result of that gene. BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation is currently at the forefront with regard people having pre-emptive surgery. I will admit that 6 months ago

I had not heard of BRCA gene mutation then within the space of 2 weeks, I met 2 women who had undergone surgery as a result of carrying that gene. One woman had a hysterectomy and the other had a hysterectomy and a bilateral mastectomy. Wow, that is some serious surgery.

Most people can look at their ancestory and come to a conclusion about their genetic makeup and what health scenarios run in their bloodline. Personally, I know that heart disease is in my bloodline. Heart disease is the biggest killer in our society and as opposed to carriers of the BRCA gene, it doesn’t really work that you have surgery to remove your heart to avoid heart disease-That was meant to be a joke!

Hence recently there has been great emphasis placed on epi-genetics. What is this?

Epigenetics is still genetics, but rather than thinking that your life is a foregone conclusion based purely on what genes you were given, it is slightly different.

EPI-genetics……..EPI means upon or above, hence epi-genetics means upon or above your genetics. Loosely translated that means that whatever we do that effects our genes, plays a huge role in determining our genetic destiny.

So rather than giving up if there is a certain predisposition to illness within your bloodline, I want you to take heart and realise that decisions you make regarding your lifestyle eg what you eat, how much you move, how you deal with stressful situations play a major EPI role on your genes.

Finally some of what we have known for many years is reaching the newspapers. Especially interesting is the final paragraph, by 2025 we could save 674 million dollars if more attention is centred on prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle prior to developing diseases.

Surely there are better things to do with 674 million than trying to put out a burning fire. Prevention and a healthy lifestyle is akin to doing the back burning and paddock preparation before bushfire season. This is much more successful than trying to fight a preventable fire!

Read about theĀ above mentioned article in the Australian newspaper ‘The Age’.

All the best with your EPI activities.


Michael Bloom