Dinner with the Doc Puntey Chiro

Dinner with the Doc – June 23, July 7 & July 21

Dinner is on us at Grind Coffee Shop on Tuesday 23 June, 7 July or 21 July for you & up to 3 guests.

Our resident wellness expert Dr Conor Ward will share with you down-to-earth ways to take back your health. There’s no substitute for a relaxed dinner in a cosy atmosphere while we talk candidly about how you feel and what we can do to restore you to, well, feeling great again.

Which of your friends or family could use a nice dinner out while learning natural ways to start living life with gusto? We order the dinners in advance so please ensure you can make the dinner and if you or your guests are vegetarian. We look forward to seeing you there.


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Dr Conor Ward is an internationally renowned chiropractor. Fresh off the plane from 6 months working on chiropractic mission trips in Peru and appearing on Peruvian TV as a medical expert, Dr Conor needs YOUR help to spread the knowledge of the most recent advances in chiropractic he and his research team have uncovered in recent years.

Dr Conor’s personal mission in life is to help every man; woman and child on the planet reach their optimum level of health through chiropractic. Don’t miss this great chance to find out how you can start living better.