Diane’s story

“In March 2005 I had a last appointment at a specialist dentist. I had 2 molars missing and decided to have a tooth implant. An infected tooth and jaw followed by the implant operation involved much pulling and pushing. Directly after the false tooth being fitted I began to have headaches and a stiff neck which got worse, never better.

The tooth got checked out by the dentist but no cause of pain was found. I assumed the crick in the neck would eventually go away. I tried Ibuprofen, heat pads, Ibuleve and rest but kept moving and working. In August I decided something was very wrong.

My dentist’s receptionist suggested the Putney Chiropractic Center. I had never gone to a chiropractor before, but felt if anyone could get rid of this long term stiff neck they could. To my horror, I found that my neck had old whiplash type injuries and that the extreme dentistry had misplaced my cranial bones and jaw! It is a good story and I had a good laugh.

Gradually I had become quite stiff all over and had been doing less and less. It took several weeks to start feeling better and at times I felt cross – would I never be free from the constant pain? After a session I would feel like a wet noodle, wobbly. At times I was tired and ached for 2-3 days after.

The real break through came when my head was manipulated. It would sometimes slowly move back to the old position, the headaches return and need to be done again. I also regained movement, could turn my head etc. I am at last free of that piercing pressure pain in my neck. A dull feeling is still there but I know that will eventually go.

One of the biggest improvements has been sleeping better. I am 57 and had been so worried about getting too stiff to live a good life. I am thankful to be able to have done this for myself. When I was young I threw myself about (ballet and gymnastics) so have numerous small injuries that were coming back to haunt me.

I feel so much better. The only way to stay healthy seems to involve keeping the body flexible and moving.”

Diane Miluka