Dave’s story

When did you first come to Putney Chiropractic? I came to Putney Chiropractor after meeting the team at the ‘Ski & Snowboard Show’ in 2011

Why did you first come to see us here?

I had a back problem for over a year and kept putting it off, mainly because being a ‘bloke’, I would just put up with the pain thinking it was due to over-doing it at work or with the sports activities I do. I had a short conversation at the show with Dr Craig, who suggested I came along for a consultation and maybe a few x-rays. I must admit, at first I though this was the normal ‘spin’ to get you in the door…. I have since been proved very, very wrong!

What changes have you noticed since starting care with us?
In the months I have been with Putney Chiropractor, I have learnt more about my back and the problems I have and how to avoid certain situations/exercises which can cause me problems.

What is your understanding of chiropractic care and how it can benefit your health and lifestyle?
I more so understand that this is not a quick fix and that to get the best results, a small or minor correction a month lasts longer than having frequently heavy sessions every 6 months.

What other changes have you made to contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle?
One of the things I did discuss with Dr Craig in December 2011 was my weight. At the time, I was over 18 stone. I was not unhealthy or in my opinion, over weight as I was (am) very active and take part in many sports. However, I had bad eating patterns. Dr Craig explained that the loss of a few stone would benefit my back and other joints. So I took on a better eating regime as well as a sensible diet.

Any other comments regard your over all experience at P.C?
Well, going back to the beginning… After I attended the 1st consultation, I was surprised how well Dr Craig diagnosed my back injury, even down to the exact impact area and possible age of the injury I had. He also explained that because I had left it for so long, this would not be a quick fix. I started with two adjustments a week for a month. At first I wasn’t noticing any changes, but after a conversation with Dr Craig, it would seem that I needed to give up all my sports activities for a short duration; this was due to my back not having enough time to recover after a chiro session. This was hard to take as I had always participated in sports since a young age. However, I knew that if I didn’t take the advice, my winter sports in a few months could be cut short.

After taking time out and only having the two sessions a week, I was already noticing the results, the main one being much better sleep quality. After a month, my back was starting to accept the corrections and I was able to reduce the sessions to once a week

I had now been off sports for six weeks and felt I needed to do something, but I was in fear of hurting my back again. Dr Craig suggested that I go to the gym and start doing light work-outs and slowly build up this way, making sure not to over-exercise my back. Of course I didn’t listen and within the first week I was back on the table with a back pain that felt like a trapped nerve in a twisted spine (not that I’m one to exaggerate!). In pain, I made an urgent appointment on a Saturday morning.

After explaining what I had done, the admin team had me slotted in at the earliest time free with Dr Luke. On arrival, not only did other team members check that I was OK, Dr Luke had been brought up to speed with my history and had gone over my notes and was fully aware of my back condition. Within ten minutes I was ‘cracked’ back in line, told off and sent on my way! But the most surprising thing was the speed of the recovery and the effect of the correction I had. This, I was informed, was due to regular attendance before-hand.

Since that encounter, I have managed to go on both my snowboarding trips, where I am able to enjoy the full-time away on the mountains, go back to the gym full-time, coach football, teach trampoline and have once again, taken up kick boxing after 15 years out of the ring!

Dave Golding

This is a personal account of an individual experience. Every body is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.