Dan’s story

I have had chronic pain in the lower back just right of the sacrum and extreme tension in the neck and shoulders for over ten years, to varying degrees of intensity.

I found Putney Chiropractic was able to identify my problem clearly and immediately as several subluxations in my spine. A reassuring degree of relief and correction was achieved even on the first treatment and my condition has improved consistently ever since.

In the last six months pain and discomfort have reduced from practically all the time to the occasional strain which tends to correct itself within days. My spinal alignment and posture have improved to near normal. I now only receive treatment once a month.

For the first time I actually believe that I will make a full recovery with respect to my back and am confident that this will serve me well into old age. I would recommend chiropractic and indeed this practice as being truly effective. Give it a try!”

Dan Stanbury