Daily Mail Ski and Snowboard Show 2004

The Ski Show this year was in a new hall with an even bigger jump. It was the venue for the first London Ride, organised by Warren Smith, showcasing fresh new and upcoming talent in the world of snowsports. Dr Carlyle Jenkins from Putney Chiropractic Centre was on hand to assist the riders after a long day of big air jumping.

Serious impact
The riders taking part in the Big Air competition that is the London ride put their bodies through incredible stress. It is only through practice and training that they are able to land the jumps successfully, but their bodies have taken some serious punishment along the way.

While proper spinal alignment can help everyone in their skiing, these guys push it to the max. With regular adjustments they can ensure that a small injury is not compounded over time.

International athletes

The freeriders at the show are all young athletes from across Europe, who ride as many days as possible each year. Looking after their bodies means better results.