Cycling and Chiropractic

Chiropractic and Cycling: If it’s good enough for the pros…

Cycling involves long hours in the saddle in anatomically unnatural positions – add to this the constant vibration and it’s a recipe for back pain and premature wear and tear on the joints.

We’ve been looking after cyclists of all levels for years and understand the demands cycling places on your body. We have treatment and strategies in place to be able to help you ride more comfortably.

Amateur bike racer (Cat 2) for Team Nuun Sigma SportDoc Craig, and the team at Putney Chiropractic understand the demands cycling puts on your body. The cycling pro’s don’t go anywhere without a Chiro, why would you?

Watch as Dr Craig at the team at Nuun Sigma Sport explain how they use chiropractic as a way to help them perform to their very best.

How does chiropractic care help cyclists?

As cyclists we understand that low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, referred pain into the hands/wrists are common place. It doesn’t need to be like this. We understand the demands cycling places on your body and have treatment and strategies to be able to help you ride more comfortably.

However it’s not just about back pain, its about allowing your body to:

Perform well while riding – optimal bike positioning and flexibility and optimal nerve function to allow the muscles to be at their most powerful,

Balance – leg length issues, tightness of the hip flexors or low back – all lead to uneven power being generated

Recover well after riding/training – pelvic twisting puts uneven tension in the leg muscles making your body tense and tight before you even start riding let along once you’ve finished 4 hours in the saddle and attempt to recover for work the next day.

We will check your health history, and perform an examination to include assessment of general flexibility, neurological function, spinal alignment including any leg length discrepancy or hidden spinal wear and tear both which may affect you position while riding a bike. We’ll then start a bespoke program of specific chiropractic adjustments to help unlock any blockages in your spine, hips or knees to help you regain comfort, enjoyment or improved performance while cycling.


Since I started having chiropractic care I’ve found I have more energy, less injuries and a much higher performance.

Cameron Fraser – Team Nuun Sigma Sport