Clapham Common 10k 2007

The second annual 10 km running challenge between Profeet and Putney Chiropractic took place on Sunday the 14th on Clapham Common.

Sunshine and blue skies
As with last years challenge, a week of really yukky weather gave way to perfect conditions, and the team headed off to the start to meet up with the Profeet team (arch enemies and pub buddies) for some warm up stretches.

It was a 4 on 4 event as Drs Craig, Carlyle together with Chris the masseur and Martin (random northern bloke), attempted to remove Profeet from it’s dominance on the running circuit.

Yet again it proved difficult to beat a team when one of their members runs a sub 37min 10k. But using the ANZAC spirit we competed against adversity and our valiant efforts proved in vein.

Trounced again

A feeding frenzy followed with BBQ true Oz style. The Clapham Common Innovation Sports 10k series is a great local 10k race with about 200-300 people competing of all shapes and sizes.