City Ski Championships 2010


Damon Hill being adjusted on, er, the hill!

City Ski Championships 2010 – Courmayeur, Italy
March 18-21, 2010 was the beginning of the Putney Chiropractic Racing team, or PC racers as we were referred to by the BBC Olympic commentator Matt Chilton. Team members included Drs Craig, Abby and Edwina, Ben Lofthouse and Momentum Ski director Amin Momen. Putney Chiropractic was out there to race but also in a professional capacity to help the injured and broken city skiers.

Damon Hill, ex F1 World Champion
First on the table was Damon Hill who enjoyed discussion about how racing Formula 1 had affected his body and how it had taken a long time to recover from the rigors of high speed, high impact racing. Skiing after a chiropractic adjustment was one of the reasons as to why he attacked the GS course the next day with a great sub minute time. We hope to be working with him more in the future.

PCC racing team results
We were stoked to have made it to the semi finals in the relay slalom. This is an event where teams of four skiers line up at the top of two slalom courses side by side and when the first skier has reached the bottom the next skier sets off. We managed to beat along the way the very serious and competitive Lloyds banking team one. Another great result was fastest female through the radar speed trap – Dr Abby with a speed of 73kmh.

Thank you Momentum ski
All had a great weekend and the general consensus was the presence of Putney Chiropractic was a welcome addition to the weekend. We look forward attending next year with PC racers 1 and 2, and challenge any other local medical practices to begin a medical category to compete for the fastest medics in South London!