Chiropractic’s Birthday

Well better late than never! September 18th was the birthday of our great profession. 117 years old to be precise. Who would have thought that in a relatively short time it has grown to become the largest and most regulated of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions.

Chiropractic is and always will be controversial in many people’s eyes. The regular feedback of the skeptics is that it is dangerous and that there is no research. Both of these points are incorrect as chiropractic care as performed by a skilled practitioner is not dangerous and there is a plethora of research and more appearing regularly. People vote with their feet and the thousands of busy chiropractic offices throughout the world is testament to the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

Interestingly the profession began when a man named DD Palmer pieced together the link between the spine, nervous system and general bodily function. His first client was a person who had suffered from poor hearing for many years after “cricking” his back. DD felt what he felt and adjusted as he deemed best and as I’m sure you can guess, the mans hearing improved slightly. Enough of a change occurred for DD to repeat the procedure and once again a further hearing improvement was noticed. This fueled the fire and led to the birth of the profession. Palmer College in Iowa was the first school of chiropractic and to this day still operates as a chiropractic learning institution.

I along with many others am eternally thankful for DD Palmers inquisitiveness and founding of the profession.

Dr Michael Bloom