The Spine and the Teeth are connected
Chiro – Dontics is a multidisciplinary approach to helping you with head/neck/facial and cranial problems combining Chiropractic techniques and Dentistry. We at Putney Chiropractic have expertise in working alongside Dentists helping you with chronic headaches, jaw and bite problems, mal occlusion, bruxism and more.

When you have a healthy bite your body is easier to remain balanced, strong and performing well. However, when the bite is flawed, such as when teeth are crowded or the jaws are under or overdeveloped, it can challenge many aspects of your body function.

Why Chirodontics?
The goal of Chirodontics is first create balance in the spine. Next we concentrate on balancing the cranial system with both cranial work and dental work. This consists of numerous visits to both the Chiropractor and Dentist over a period of time with the aim of restoring balance and function to your spine, cranial system, jaw and bite.

Working together with other specialists

Because of the multiple systems at work in the body, you will find that the most difficult dental patients are usually easy chiropractic cases, and the most troublesome chiropractic cases are simple dental cases. By working as a team, these cases can become straightforward Chirodontic cases.

We love challenging chirodontic cases, and have helped many people who have had back, neck and jaw issues for many years with gentle spinal adjustments and cranial techniques.