Bryony’s Story – sports injury

Why did you first come to Putney Chiropractic Centre?
I came to PCC because I’d been knocked off my bike while training a month before and was still in quite a lot of pain in my lower back, neck and shoulder.  I really wanted to do a 14km swim in the Thames in a month’s time and needed help!

What did the Chiropractor tell you was going on?
Luke explained that some key joints in my spine weren’t working properly and were interfering with the nerve supply to my lower back and shoulder.  This made sense to me as things certainly hadn’t felt right since my bike accident.

How did you respond to your Chiropractic care?
After a few adjustments Luke said I could start swimming again and get some much needed training!  The rotation in my neck was starting to improve but my shoulder was still quite uncomfortable after I’d swam for 15 mins.  Considering I needed to be able to swim 14kms I must admit I was a little worried I’d make it.

After a couple of weeks my lower back felt fine, my neck was feeling great and I could swim for much longer without my shoulder hurting!  I was feeling much more optimistic about the race.

The week before the race my neck was a little sore but my shoulder felt fine.  Luke adjusted my whole spine the day before the race and I was as ready as I was going to be!

Well, I finished the race and loved it!  My body held up really well (other than the 20 mosquito bites!).

Why do you still come?
Regular Chiro adjustments helps my body recover from my events and training and, unfortunately, any injuries I may suffer along the way.

How did you find the service?
PCC is friendly, professional and efficient.  I’ve always been able to find a time that suits me before or after training and work which really helps too.

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