Children and Chiropractic

You take your child to the dentist, so why not the chiropractor? Spinal problems that are carried into adulthood are preventable to a great extent, just like tooth decay. Taking care of your child’s body as much as you would their teeth is knowing that their spine, nervous system and general well being are being looked after too. The central nervous system is crucial for learning new skills and absorbing information so keeping it healthy and functioning well is an extremely effective way to aid your child’s development.

Active kids

Younger spines are much more flexible than in adulthood (all those amazing gymnasts!) and they also heal remarkably well. Children are constantly using their bodies in many physically challenging ways – with constant bumps and knocks – if they seem out of sorts it could be because the information highway is compromised due to a subluxation of the spine compromising the nerve communication from the spine.

Daily Strains

Apart from obvious traumas to the spine such as a fall, a car prang or wearing a heavy backpack every day, there are other causes of misalignment that are often overlooked. We notice the big falls and bumps that our children make regularly, but there are many smaller events that contribute to spinal subluxations. These may not result in pain in a small child but are paving the way for worse posture later. Getting your child checked regularly after a fall or at significant developmental stages is the best way to ensure their spine is subluxation free.

An effective way to look after your child’s spine is by insisting they carry their books in a backpack with two straps. This is a small change that you can make that will help towards avoiding new postural problems in a growing child. You also need to make sure that they actually use both straps, as hung off one shoulder and filled with books can be very stressful on the spine.