June exercise of the month

Give this great exercise a try. We at Putney Chiropractic are determined to eradicate the epidemic that is the ‘forward head posture’. Especially for our children who are all addicted to iPads and computers. Get the kids doing this every day too, share it around the office or forward it to your children’s teachers!

January exercise of the month

This months exercise is all about creating low back flexibility and strength by starting to access that very important core. So important in these sedentary times.

December exercise of the month

Welcome to our monthly exercise to help keep your body moving well and stop the negative affects sedentary posture may be having on your spine. This month is all about strengthening your upper back and neck. You’ll need an exercise ball but this exercise will strengthen your upper back and help improve your upper back and neck posture.

Putney Chiropractic Vs Ski Sunday

Dr Craig McLean and Graham Bell go head to head A special moment for the team was getting to watch Craig taking on Graham Bell at the slalom at the City Ski Championships 2011. It was a close call, but he was quick out the gates and luckily he didn’t miss the last gate this time!

Video source missing

From Putney Bridge Tube to PCC

A very, very fast trip on foot from Putney Bridge tube station to our practice, over Putney Bridge clearly showing all landmarks and how to find us!

Photos in Saas Fee

Here is Vanessa Sharples photographing for the Daily Mail while we were out in Saas Fee Summer 2010.